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Planthopper Nymph

Planthopper Nymph

Field macro enthusiasts and photographers are becominga more common sight in Thailand, thankfully.


When I come across someone in the forest and they ask me what birds/mammals/snakes (just choose one) I have seen, they are not so bemused now when I say I am looking for insects. They may even stop and chat rather than quickly move on, away from this strange person who is looking for….. insects, urgggh!

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Fascinating Evolution

trilobite beetle

I am now happily back to my rainy season bugging forays into the forest and thoroughly enjoying the fascination of it all.

 There is always a sense of anticipation when bugging, every leaf you inspect could host a small find, whether that find will hang around for you to photograph him or her is always questionable and one has to adopt their own techniques to each situation just to approach many arthropods. Its not as easy as one might assume.

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Season of Plenty

Harvestman (Opiliones) up close

The dry months of central Thailand, from December through April, are sparse months for the wildlife macro enthusiast. Diurnal arthropod finds are hard won on the forest floor and in dry low vegetation.


Indeed it’s a time of year when I, personally, devote my time to Thailand's mammals. Mammals are easier to encounter during this period due to their reliance on dwindling water resources and the fact that foliage fall makes line of sight easier.

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Amyciaea lineatipes (Thomisidae)

Like many other ant mimicking spiders Amyciaea lineatipes has evolved to resemble the ants that share its environment. Unlike other such spiders Amyciaea lineatipes does not take on their appearance in order to avoid predators, but rather to hunt. This tiny spider specializes in hunting weaver ants (Oecophylla smaragdina) and has evolved to take on the same colouration with false eye spots on it’s abdomen to confuse and complete the masquerade. 

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