Hyllus sp. Jumping Spider

hyllus 3456

Jumping spiders (Salticidae) hold a special fascination for macro photography enthusiasts. No other arthropod shows as much character as these punk haired little gems. They can be timid and retiring or they can be combative and direct,

you never know how they will react to the camera. But when they do decide to pose they are a delight and their large eyes and often punked erect head hairs give the appearance of firm resilience. A David and Goliath standoff. David shows attitude and in your face disdain for his much larger camera wielding foe. And in the process she wins both the stand off and the macro enthusiast's heart.

Get too close and they will live up to their name, with a lighting fast "jump" they are gone. This jumping action is amazingly achieved by an internal hydraulic system that extends their limbs in milliseconds by dramatically altering the pressure of their body fluids within their limbs. How cool is that.

This particular species is probably of the Hyllus genus and is quite large compared to other normally seen jumping spiders in Thailand. Body length would be around 15 mm. Seen in Kaeng Krachan National Park on new vegetation at a height of about 30 cm. They can come in a variety of body shapes but are instantly recognizable by their large eyes and eye pattern. Jumping spiders have four pairs of eyes; three secondary pairs that are fixed and a principal pair that is movable. The size of the principle pair (anterior median) bordered by a slightly smaller pair (anterior lateral) makes them instantly recognizable, no other spider family has such a large principle pair compared to body size.

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