Surfing a green wave

The weather has now truely changed and we are in Thailand's short but magical winter period. A time when I stop taking so many insect pictures and move over to photographing mammals - well, trying to at least. The nighttime temperatures at elevation have already dropped and we are getting beautiful morning dews when the winter sun rises through the tree line to the waiting clear blue skies. Being a european I still cannot get used to the best weather being in "winter", I always want to refer to it as summer because the weather at this time of year is so like the european summer for an all but brief spell. 


Salticidae jumping spider

A jumping spider (Salticidae) surfing a  green wave in Khao Soi Dao.

Insects are already less obvious on the trails and they will get more and more difficult to find compared to in the rainy season, but there are a lot of spiders visible at the moment. I photographed this jumping spider (salticidae) surfing a morning dew wave as the sun came up in Khao Soi Dao Wildlife Sanctuary this weekend. It has been a long time since I have been there and the forest was delightful in its winter transition. Still verdant green but with clear blue skies, less humidity and the promise of another great "camping" season in Thailand when many of the population will reconnect with Thailand's great natural places.

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