Rhynocoris fuscipes - Assassin Bug

Whilst out on my recent camera test in I was lucky enough to see a Rhynocoris fuscipes Assassin Bug. One of the most exotic looking of Thailand's Assassin bugs (Reduviidae). I was happy to see it - it had been a slow day with not much seen at

all so I settled down with the camera and tripod and decided to just watch it for a while. 

It was sitting under a flower, so my view was obscured. I was wondereing if this was such a good idea as the sun was baking hot when suddenly a bee landed on the flower. The assassin bug quickly shifted onto the top of the flower to attack the bee but missed and the lucky bee lived to pollinate another flower. I was rewarded by a nice shot of the insect sat a top the flower. I knew that within the small sea of yellow flowers that I was sat in front of, the chances of another bee landing on the same flower were much shorter than my patience was long. But within 15 minutes I was treated to the spectacle again and the second bee was not so fortunate.


Photo of an assassin in Thailand

Rhynocoris fuscipes Assassin Bug - feeding on a bee    

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