Flatid Nymphs - Phromnia sp.?


This is a follow-up from my previous thoughts on the flatid nymphs that one constantly sees throughout Thailand's forests. Most people who have walked the forest and jungle paths will have come across them and will always remember them for their outlandish white "hairy" looks. I have seem them in virtually every park I have visited BUT I have never before seen adult flatid plant hoppers with the these nymphs. Just recently I was fortunate to see two separate counts of adult flatidae on the same bushes and vines as the nymphs on the same day. Both were in the forest surrounding the Huay Nam Yen waterfall in Pang Sida National Park. I think its fairly safe to assume that these flatid planthoppers probably are the mature adult of the nymphs in these photographs, in Dong Phaya Yen at least.

I still need to find a specimen that is between the two cycle of nymph to adult which I believe may show the wing covers growing over the top of the  filamentous arista. As for species I believe that the adult, and consequently the leaf sap eating Fulgoroidea nymph may be a species of Phromnia.

Saying this its important to take into account that there are probably more than one species as I have photographs which clearly show physical and behavioral differences in some nymphs that would make one assume there are in fact other flatidae species, in Thailand, that look similar at the nymph stage.

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