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 Baramee TemboonkiatWhen Khun Baramee announced that he would produce a book of his photographic works, everyone sat up and took notice. I was so enthused at seeing a collection of Baramee’s beautiful photographs with his personal curation and touch that, like hundreds of others, I paid for a copy months in advance of the publication.

Perhaps Thailand’s most recognizable and affable wildlife photographer, he has a dedicated following. A following he richly deserves, for a myriad of reasons as well as dedication.

Even if you do not know his name, you are sure to have been exposed to his work. Be it through his photographs in a multitude of Thai magazines, through the now famous GreenAsia group, or through the Thai TV programme FULL FRAME.

I first met Kong (Baramee) many years ago, on Khun Jakrin Kittisarn’s Panunee. I still remember the sharing of his stories of jungle forays, hiking for days with basic supplies and how inspired they made me feel. I was, a few years later, to take up terrestrial wildlife photography myself so I consider him one of my formative inspirations.

The curation and presentation of the image collection is impeccable, and a window into the photographer’s personal philosophy. It is simple in its presentation, letting the truth in the images speak for themselves, but it has great depth and tinges of humour.

As soon as you slip it out of its sturdy protective jacket and open its silky pages, you realize you are in for a treat. The presentation is impeccable, with each image being at least a full page, with a simple title, an introduction and the name of the location. It’s so simple but so effective.

Each picture is sublimely presented with a dark vignette effect that allows the pictures to be presented in their natural form, allowing colours to be represented with a subtlety that drags you deep into them. It’s a beautiful effect, spellbinding. You begin to appreciate the masterful processing that yields an image that has this depth and presence. At first glance you consider it dark but then the image details begin to reveal themselves and you understand the intent, you see the pictures as he sees them. You somehow understand they are more than just pictures to him, they are images crafted through passion, dedication and hard work. Through a personal belief and ideology that comes from a deep rooted understanding of nature.

And what a collection he has put together. All aspects of wildlife photography are represented: mammals, fish, amphibians, arthropods, birdlife, reptiles, and habitat. It is all there from the ocean floor to mountain peaks and up into the sky. It reveals years of hard work as a master of his craft. Where else can you see such sights as; whale pods breaching, gorals interacting with birdlife, arthropods being preyed upon by plants; a stunning hornbill/drongo silhouette; tiger and leopard stares; fighting dholes; and these are just a small example of the stunning images contained in the book.

Not since Bruce Kekule’s Wild Rivers has there been a book about Thailand’s wildlife that has impressed me like this. Its more than a collection of images, it’s an experience that makes you rethink what a photograph and a photographer should be.

You can purchase a copy of the book directly from Baramee at:

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