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This past week has been a culture week and I took advantage of the long weekend to visit Issan อีสาน and to enjoy its sights and temples, not to mention its value! It is one of the cheapest areas for quality food and accommodation I have been to. The trip consisted of a visit to Khorat, Buriram, Surin and Sisaket with a short trip on the border of Cambodia to see the famous Preah Vihear Temple complex.

Its quite amazing just how many Khmer temples there are in Thailand, especially in Surin and Sisaket. A reminder of the past and the former borders of the great Khmer kingdom and influence.

It seems that every other village has a blue sanctuary sign pointing to yet another brick, laterite or sandstone Khmer relic. I now have images of the "big five" Prasat Hin Phimai, Prasat Phnom Rung, Prasat Muang Tam, Prasat Mueng Sing (Kanchanaburi) and Prasat Khao Phra Wihan (Preah Vihear) as well as a collection of the smaller temples and prangs that are dotted about the Thai countryside. 


For more indepth information on Khmer Temples click here Guide To Khmer Temples In Thailand And Laos

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