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Thailand's "cool season" now seems to be well and truly at an end and temperatures and humidity have risen. As a result the visitor numbers in the National Parks of Thailand are significantly down and its time for me to don my walking gear again and head out into the forests. I am not a great fan of the cool season. It may make it much easier to walk and cover distance comfortably in the forests but the chances of you being the first on a morning trailhead are low and lots of people making noise and disturbance on the trails just diminishes the enjoyment for me. I much prefer it when the crowds are replaced by leeches. The trails quiet, soft underfoot and damp. New foliage attacks the trails. The animals feel less disturbed. Humidity makes all tasks arduous and mud underfoot makes the going even harder. Now, is the time to visit the evergreen forests for me.

 So I am starting off my own preferred walking season by posting a few GPS track plots and GPS files for you to use yourself, from Khao Yai National Park. Simple walks that can be achieved in a day and require no special equipment or physical attributes, just a GPS or a guide to be safe.

Just click on a links below:

Khao Yai - KM 33 to Nong Pak Chi

Khao Yai - Nong Pak Chi to Wang Jumpee

Khao Yai - Huai Suwat to Khao Laem

Khao Yai - Huai Suwat to Khao Yai HQ

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