Huai Nam Yen - Pang Sida

A very delightful and easy trail - the Huai Nam Yen waterfall trail is accessed from the Huai Nam Yen Ranger station and camp site which is located at km 20 on the Pang Sida Park road (3642) inside the Pang Sida National Park, Sakeo. The trail is not a long one but is the epitome of a forest/jungle trail and is one of the nicest I know of.

It is very easy to follow and crosses two small streams and a waterfall (Huai Nam Yen) - most of its length it runs by the side of a mountain stream that is a delight with the sun light dappled by the trees but sparkling off the water. As the stream runs virtually all year the trail is home to many species of climbers, mosses and plants as well as being home to many small mammals and birds.

 Its a great trail to set out on if you are not used to the forest and you can enjoy the surroundings without some of the inherent dangers of the longer trails. The trail can be walked all year round but is at its verdant best during the rainy season.


 Important facts

Length of trail :: 1.8 km
Hiking time :: 1 hour max for full trail
Difficulty level :: easy (scale : easy, moderate, hard, ouch)
Terrain :: Hilled mixed forest following mountain stream
Minimum essential supplies :: none

The Trail ::


HNY Camp = Huai Nam Yen Ranger station, campsite and carpark

Stream 1 - the track crosses over a small stream that enters the main stream that you are following
Namtok Hny - The Huai Nam Yen Waterfall (see below) - the main sight on the trail, after relaxing here for a while you must cross over the top of the waterfall to pick up the track again
Stream 2 - another very shallow stream that you need cross
Finish - the track takes you onto the road, you then follow the road back to the camp








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