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The Lanhindard site in Pang Sida National Park is most notable for two things a) you have to walk through the parks main gaur habitat to get there and b) the trail culminates in the Pang Sida siamese crocodile reintroduction site, now not in use but very interesting to see how they released the crocodiles deep in the forest. The first kilometer of the trail sees you descending through the forest to the open grassy areas favoured by the gaur for feeding (mainly late evenings and night).

After crossing through the grasslands you enter a forest pathway that leads through to the Huay Nam Creek and the Lanhindard site. The creek has water all year round and is constantly damp enough to be covered in mosses, lichens and wild orchids. The trail is very easy to follow as it is occasionally used by ranger vehicles.


Important facts

Length of trail :: 12 km (6 km each way)
Hiking time :: 4 to 5 hours (includes return)
Difficulty level :: moderate (scale : easy, moderate, hard, ouch)
Terrain :: Flat open grasslands and mixed deciduous forest
Minimum essentials :: 2 L water, sugar source

The Trail ::


Start = small lay-by on roadway with security barrier (to stop cars)
Stream - the track crosses over a small stream and weir
Croc Pen - The siamese crocodile release site with its acclimatization pen and viewing hide
Remember you now have to walk back along the same route to get out - and its largely uphill



crocpen 2


crocpen 1

crocpen 3




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