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Sawan waterfall is located in the Khaoen Sri Nakarin (or Khuean Srinagarindra) National Park in Kanchanaburi. Its a wonderful 7 tier limestone waterfall with the top tier being around 70 meters alone and is very impressive.

My first attempt to the waterfall at the beginning of the rainy season was halted by getting two 4WDs stuck in mud about 2 kilometers from the second ranger station. For this second attempt in the height of the rainy season the plan was to leave the vehicles at the first ranger station and hike in, which is what we did as it was not possible to get further in the vehicle due to REALLY bad track conditions.

A word on getting to the falls - you need a 4WD drive to get the second ranger station in the dry season. You need a 4WD drive to get to the first ranger station in the wet season. You can get to the second ranger station in the wet season by vehicle if you have a very modified 4WD and suitable experience. My 4WD is unmodified as such it is impossible to get past the first ranger station in the wet season irrespective of experience.

To get to the ranger station, take Highway 323 (Kanchanaburi – Thong Pha Phum), turn right at Km. 110 via Ban Sahakon Nikhom (you will see a sign post for Thung Yai Narusman) for 15 km. Then turn right into the dirt road (which is sign posted) just before the bridge. The first ranger station is 7 km along the track.

Important facts

Length of trail :: 13 km (round trip)
Hiking time :: 7 hours (includes return and a stop at the falls)
Difficulty level :: moderate in the wet season, easy in dry Season (scale : easy, moderate, hard, ouch)
Terrain :: on a vehicle track through mixed deciduous and evergreen forest
Minimum essentials :: 2 L water, sugar source, food, re-hydration salts (note: the waterfall water can be drunk without issue so you can fill up there)

NOTE: IN WINTER you should be able to drive up the second ranger station

For maps and downloadable GPS track CLICK HERE

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