Kaeng Krachan - Sea of Mist



November 1st has past and despite some continued bad weather, Thailand's famous Kaeng Krachan National Park is open again to visitors after it's annual planned closure. It is, perhaps, my favourite Thai National Park as it holds a wealth of habitats and animals that I have not photographed before. We are hoping to bring some insights into Kaeng Krachan's wildlife this coming year as it will be the area of concentration for us throughout 2014. 


One of the most famous sights of Kaeng Krachan National Park is it's Sea of Mist. The Sea of Mist can be seen throughout the park and in surrounding protected areas also, but the view from Panoenthung in Kaeng Krachan is the most famous and impressive of the view points for the spectacle.

It is caused by the morning fog evaporating from the valley of the Phetchaburi river and can be seen in the early morning from the viewpoints at Panoenthung. Some days it is more impressive than others, and on some special days it is spectacular, giving the impression you are above the cloud line. For me one of the added thrills of seeing this sea of fog is to also sit and ponder what wildlife is roaming beneath this morning quilt of white vapour. Kaeng Krachan is home to some of Thailand's more exotic fauna including indo-chinese tigers, leopards, feas muntjac, and tapir to name but a few. Endangered species all. Living their fragile and tenuous existence, hiding from view under that protective morning blanket of fog.



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