Kaeng Krachan Leopard Sighting

Kaeng Krachan Leopard

I decided to spend a few days down at Kaeng Krachan before it shuts next week for the rainy season, we had a great time including one of the most amazing leopard experiences of my life. This male allowed us to view him for about

20 minutes whilst he slinked in and out of the undergrowth curiously looking at my parked car.




A truly unforgetable trip and I am truly thankful that we were this lucky to see this gorgeous feline alive and well in its natural environment. I really never thought I would ever see, let alone photograph the leopard in Thailand. It just goes to show there is no replacement for time spent in the forest and most of all luck!! 

Richard L Stokes


Article and Photographs copyright Richard L Stokes

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WT admin's Avatar
WT admin replied the topic: #1170 26 Jul 2013 11:10
Wow, Wow and Wow! What an incredible sighting, what an incredible picture, second shot is the best leopard pic I have seen from Thailand - well done!!! Am well chuffed for you.

Here I was planning a year in KK to get a leopard pic as well. No need now, you have nailed it there Luke. Incredible!
Jos-'s Avatar
Jos- replied the topic: #1171 26 Jul 2013 16:07
Amazing! Extremely rare sight! Congrats! According to my understanding the number of big cats has decreased significantly within few years due to poaching in KK. Was this taken along the main road? How long will the park be closed?
Bagheera's Avatar
Bagheera replied the topic: #1172 26 Jul 2013 17:58
admin ; thankyou for the compliments, they mean a lot coming from a fellow photographer. As I took the photos I was was aware of the rarity of the occasion and I was fearful something was wrong with the camera or settings. Inbetween the leopard going in and out of the bushes I was frantically checking each time to make sure the shots had come out! I will probably never get an opportunity like this again..

Jos ; Thanks again! According to my understanding, some professionals in the field, and the rangers at KK, the leopard population is doing OK. I am led to believe it is in fact the Tigers numbers which have dropped significantly in recent years at KK.
Yes the photo was taken along the road, if the leopard was anywhere other than the main road I vary much doubt me or anyone would be able to spot him!
The park is closed 1st August to 31st October

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