The Forest Track

well used track

One of the interesting things about using video traps is that they offer you a different perspective of the natural world. I don't just mean that you can glimpse animals that you normally may not be aware of, but that you can look at the

forest itself in a different manner to what you are used to. Time is one of the perspectives that video traps open up to you. You can set one looking at one spot and then over time get a unique insight of what happens at that spot in the forest. Its not always what you are expecting. Indeed, these insights teach you to not take your pre-conceptions for granted, and your "spot", no matter how uninpiring, may yield unexpected surprises.

Sometime ago we tried a little experiment, and placed camera in a location we would not normally. It was the end of the day, we were tired from hiking with equipement all day and still had a lone camera left in the backpack when returning from the depths of the forest. We were quite surprised at how the access track was used, in good ways and bad.  

The Forest Track from Wildlife Thailand on Vimeo.



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