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Some 18 months ago we had considered ourselves very fortunate in getting an excellent profile picture of a Hog Badger (Arctonyx collaris) as well as some rare video of scenting behavior. Yet for months and months our locations have been seemingly void of this characterful species. A species that just seems to exude personality. If ever there has been animal that makes me want to anthropomorphize it, the hog badger seems to be it. It has some weird bushy cuteness going on, with a spirit for both bumbling and adventure combined. The forest cats may be sleek, intelligent and somewhat aloof but this little charismatic species just has some shuffling Bilbo Baggins quality about it that has serious cuteness appeal.

And now, in the last few months, we have suddenly seen a number of these hobbitesque animals in various shades of end of rainy season condition, some in very poor condition and lacking full fur and some, like in this photograph, in their prime. A male at the height of condition. He just exudes character don’t you think?

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Geoff Potter's Avatar
Geoff Potter replied the topic: #3251 29 Nov 2015 20:42
Great animal and great shot, where was it taken? This animal is seemingly common in Mae Wong National Park around the campsite where there are dropping all over the road, the ranger tells me its "Moo Ling" or Hog Badger but I have never actually seen one.
Paul T's Avatar
Paul T replied the topic: #3254 30 Nov 2015 06:27
Its from Keang Krachan but their known range spans nearly all of the western borders of Thailand as well as the major forested parks.
Xenocrab's Avatar
Xenocrab replied the topic: #3339 07 Jan 2016 17:43
Common in DP-KY

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