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 Sambar deer are widely spread throughout the Kingdom's National Parks and Sanctuaries and appeared regulary on my old camera trap videos and photographs along with wild pig which are another staple in the diet of the last remaining wild tigers of Thailand. I have been going through old camera trap video files and clearing up my computer of older files to get ready for a new personal project that we have just started with the kind and generous support of the Department of National Parks.

The new project is aimed at supplying the DNP with materials to aid them to highlight to their park visitors in Dong Phayayen - Khao Yai some of the more cryptic forest inhabitants of the World Heritage Site. Cryptic animals they would never likely see. Whilst having the clear-out I came across an older file that it would be a shame to not show. It is poorly framed, and poorly exposed, it is blurred by the fact that a spider built a nest over the lens but it is the closest a tiger ever came to one of my automated video cameras. A very rare glimpse of an animal sadly on the way to possible extinction - one the world's last 300 (source: WWF) or so wild Indochinese tigers. 


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