Uthai Thani's Wild Serow

The Sumatran Serow – Capricornis sumatraenis (also known as the Southern Serow and the Mainland Serow) is another threatened species due to habitat loss and hunting, and listed as vulnerable by the IUCN.

It belongs to a group known as the “goat-antelopes” and is a member of the sub-family of Caprinae along with the ibix, goral, musk ox, wild goat, bighorn and chamois. It is a rather small-bodied animal, about the size of a domestic goat, that inhabits rugged mountains and rocky outcrops, covered with thick vegetation or forest. The limestone karsts of Thailand provide a good home for wild serow and it is making a comeback on the karsts of Uthai Thani. 

The serow is generally a solitary animal that inhabits a small area which is well marked with trails, latrine points, and scenting points. The small area of habitat selected provides all the needs of the serow, such as sufficient grasses, shoots and leaves on which to feed during the early morning and late evening, and suitable sheltered resting places in caves or under overhanging rocks and cliffs.

Uthai Thani's karsts have provided an ideal habitat and there are populations of Serow holding on well with the assistance of a Royal Project under the auspices of the Department of National Parks and the understanding of local villagers. Indeed during the height of the dry season it is possible to see them coming down from the karsts and into the fields and roadways searching for water. These photographs are from the highest points of the karsts, taken after humping heavy camera gear to the top on teacherous pathways and animal tracks. Automatic cameras were used on a latrine site to gain these rare glimpses of Thailand's wild serow in their natural habitat.


 serow 3

serow 2
serow 1
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