Thailand's Tigers - What can we do?

300 left in the world

A rare glimpse of Thailand's cryptic and extremely rare tigers, the Indochinese Tiger (AKA Corbett's Tiger). The fact they still survive in Thailand is due to the nation's establishment of its national parks and wildlife sanctuaries and the dedication of a great many people both in Government (the National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department or the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in particular) and in Civil Society.

Thailand has adopted a formal 12 year action plan for Tiger Conservation and both the Government and Civil Society are fighting the scourges of poaching, illegal trafficking in animals and animal parts and tiger habitat loss due to encroachment on national parks, sancturies and protected areas.  But will it be enough? 

I think that every Thai citizen and every foreigner who calls Thailand "home" has a role to play. Our role need not cost us any money nor any inconvenience. Its a very simple and easy to achieve role, something we do every day of our lives without thought. We need to talk about this issue and inform each other. We need to talk with our freinds, with our work colleagues, in our social groups and to our children because, ultimately, the tiger will only continue to survive in Thailand if we all want it to.



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Paul T replied the topic: #1427 16 Oct 2013 15:21
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