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The Mainland Serow (also known as the Southern Serow and the Sumatran Serow) is threatened due to habitat loss and hunting, and listed as vulnerable by the IUCN.

Belonging to a group known as the goat-antelopes, the serow is a rather small-bodied animal that inhabits rugged mountains and rocky outcrops, covered with thick vegetation or forest. As such the limestone karsts of Uthai Thani provide a good home for serow and are now under the protection and management of a royal project.


The Mainland serow is generally a solitary animal that inhabits a small area which is well marked with trails, latrine points, and scenting points. This small area of habitat is selected so it can provide all the needs of the serow, such as sufficient grass, shoots and leaves on which to feed during the early morning and late evening, and suitable sheltered resting places in caves or under overhanging rocks and cliffs. During a recent visit to the karsts we located two such marking spots as well as evidence of a serow sheltering deep inside a limestone cave. One of the locations was further tested with a night camera and over a three week period we have been lucky enough to see both male and female serow using the marking spots as well as reviewing existing scents. As the mainland serow breeding season is approx November to January one can surmise that the male and female shown is these clips may well come together and the species can, hopefully, survive on this karst at least.



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