Wildlife & National Parks of Thailand

เว็บไซต์ชุมชนสำหรับการแบ่งปันข้อมูล ภาพถ่ายและประสบการณ์เกี่ยวกับสัตว์ป่า ความหลากหลายทางชีวภาพและพื้นที่คุ้มครองในประเทศไทย มาร่วมกันสร้างความตระหนักที่มีต่อโลกอันงดงามรอบตัวของเราด้วยกัน
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natural history photography

Videos of a few of the "usual suspects" from the forests of Thailand's National Parks.


The gaur (pronounced /ˈɡaʊər/) (Bos gaurus) is a large, dark-coated forest animal of South Asia and Southeast Asia. The gaur belongs to the Bovinae subfamily, which also includes bison, domestic cattle, yak and water buffalo. The gaur is the largest species of wild cattle, bigger than the African buffalo, wild water buffalo or bison. In Thai it is known as a Krating and is majestic and powerful animal as well as being extremely shy.



Video missing


Asian Elephant

The Asian or Asiatic Elephant (Elephas maximus), is one of the three living species of elephant, and the only living species of the genus Elephas. It is the largest living land animal in Asia. The species is found primarily in Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Indochina and parts of Nepal and Malaysia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, China, Bhutan, and Sumatra. It is endangered due to habitat loss and poaching, with between 41,410 and 52,345 left in the wild, worldwide. Asian elephants are rather long-lived, with a maximum recorded life span of 86 years. Chang beer is named after them ;+)


Video missing


Wild Boar (Sus scrofa)

Wild boar (Sus scrofa) is a species of the pig genus Sus, part of the biological family Suidae. The species includes many subspecies. It is the wild ancestor of the domestic pig. Wild boar are native across much of Northern and Central Europe, the Mediterranean Region (including North Africa's Atlas Mountains) and much of Asia as far south as Indonesia. It is known as Moo Pha (forest pig) in Thai


video missing


Asian Dhole

The Dhole (Cuon alpinus) is a species of canid native to Southeast Asia. It is the only extant member of the genus Cuon, which differs from Canis by the reduced number of molars and greater number of teats. The dholes are classed as endangered by the IUCN, due to ongoing habitat loss, depletion of its prey base, competition from other predators, persecution and possibly diseases from domestic and feral dogs



Obviously, this is the first use of vdo that you will have seen me using. I am using very (very) cheap cameras in order to find the areas and trails that suit further concentration on with stills photography.My preference remains still photography, not in the least because I don't know anything about video. More to come - I hope!

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