Weather - rain, leeches & insects

We have just entered that unfortunate time of year in Thailand when the rains start and a daily inundation becomes reality. It's a time of year that many enjoy, the raw temperature disipates and mundane protective clouds are a daily feature. Some like to watch the storms roll in and witness the violent resulting torrents. For a photographer, in general, this is absolutely the worst time of year in Thailand!

We suffer a lack of light, a lack of interesting light, a lack of interesting skies. A lack of photo opportunities. Additionally the rain brings "greenery", and as a nature photographer knows this brings a whole host of problems - not only is the light not there, the light is not enough AND there is so much green foliage about that its hard to even spot a potential subject.

Some hack it out waiting for that rare cloud break that allows a splendid capture, but waiting is not an easy task because at this time of year we suffer an extreme of humidity. Extreme? 65% is a good day, 85% is more regular and in the parks and forests 95% ++ is the norm.

This is not an easy time of year to get out and about and achieve anything photographically. Some will take advantage of the nesting season for some of the resident bird species that is currently taking place but by and large it's a time to consider painful sweaty slogs to see waterfalls in flow and fight off leeches.

And believe me those leeches are an experience, even at the heights of Thong Pha Phum I have encountered 30+ per leg (my legs!!) and Khao Yai trails usually result in 4 or 5 per leg even with leech socks being worn. And believe you me the legs are not the only place to worry about, the ones that drop from branches onto your neck might not be in anyway dangerous but its still not such a nice experience.

Some would chastise me for my sqeamishness - but I am a confirmed leech hater. I hate them with such a passion that it borders on religous fervour.

So how do I keep my need for nature up at this time of year? I just grin and bear it because at this time of the year the deep forest is an experience not to be missed. Lush and verdant and teaming with life as the plants go into overdrive in their annual cycle - well worth the pain and suffering and even if the pictures are hard to come by and equipment is wet and damaged it all seems to be better than the city still.


Hirudinaria 4


For the best source for Thailand weather reports click here Thai Met Office

Or, to see the international view (i.e. possibility of thunderstorms everyday) Click here

Or if you use iGoogle then use their weather forcast - its the BEST one I have come across (!!), for Thailand, and changes every few hours, updating you on possible dry spots.

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