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 It has been some time coming but as of today now has its own logo!


The logo represents the key elements of the site with the fig tree representing the forest as source of life, the tiger representing the wild animals of Thailand's forests and finally the incorporation of the Thai flag into the tree trunk to represent Thailand.

The releasing of the logo now marks a turning point for the site to become a true community site. Started as a project of, we had also been using the Thailand Wildlife logo up until now. Today marks a new start and the site and site members now have their own unique identity.

ThailandWildlife are continuing to fund all the site costs as a conservation awareness project, and the next step in the site's evolution will be a brand new site design to work with the new logo. We hope you like it.

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onflipflops replied the topic: #3157 26 Sep 2015 10:55
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