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And so yet another year is coming to a close and we all prepare to enter the new one with high hopes, if not always expectations. 2011 was a year of uncommon weather, disastrous floods and political change. It was a year that, I believe, Thailand's natural places and wildlife gained in prominence. We saw the awarding of an OBE to a long dedicated conservationist in Thailand, the Department of National Parks enforcing a very strong stance against forest encroachment in some areas, higher media coverage of conservation and illegal trafficking issues as well as unprecedented jail terms and fines for tiger poachers.

 I, for one, will enter this new year with hope. With hope that the media will continue to highlight environmental and conservation issues to keep all of Thailand informed. With hope that the Department of National Parks will be funded appropriately to ensure they can protect Thailand's natural wealth for Thai generations to come. With hope that international cooperation can help tackle the blight on Asia that is poaching. With hope that the nation can save some the last natural bastions of nature as an example to the rest of the world. Hope springs eternal.

 I wish a very happy and prosperous New Year to you all and would like to leave you with............

Photo of Corbett's tiger (Panthera tigris corbetti) in Thailand

Wild Indochinese tiger or Corbett's tiger (Panthera tigris corbetti) in Thailand's Eastern Forest Complex.

Photo of a wild tiger in thailand

Wild Indochinese tiger or Corbett's tiger (Panthera tigris corbetti)


............... a quote from Ross Perot - "The activist is not the man who says the river is dirty. The activist is the man who cleans up the river."

The Indo-Chinese tiger (Panthera tigris corbetti) survives man, possibly temporarily, in scattered locations across Thailand. It is estimated that between 250 and 700 (source: IUCN) may be surviving in Thailand. If you wish to assist against the plight of the Wild Indochinese tiger in Thailand, a simple web search will show you opportunities for donating to various organizations. Personally, I have chosen to support "Freeland" a Thailand based NGO, whose projects, training and results I have witnessed for myself.

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