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The results of the BBC Wildlife Camera-trap Photo of the Year 2013 have just been announced and two Wildlife Thailand forum members had one of their Thai wild tiger camera trap photographs in the list of winners.

Ian Edwardes and Paul Thompson submitted the photograph of a Thai tigress to the BBC contest to try and create awareness of Thailand's outstanding natural heritage and national parks.


The photograph was one of a set of photographs the two photographers engineered in a year long project that Thailand's Department of National Parks' sanctioned and supported in 2012. With the support of National Parks' included in the project, automatic cameras were positioned deep in protected areas in an attempt to capture glimpses of the parks' cryptic wildlife.

The hope of capturing a tiger sighting on film was considered a possibility, even if a very remote one. But the possibility of a beautiful young female tiger with such distinctive coloration, passing the camera, stopping and then looking directly into the camera was beyond all of their expectations. Indeed, on first seeing the photograph many people don't even realize that it is of a completely wild tiger, that no human has ever physically seen, in its natural habitat.

Paul pointed out that this is the second year that Thailand has had images in the final selection of the prestigous BBC Wildlife contest. In last year's competition Thailand's Parinya Padungtin's beautiful close up of a wild fishing cat (Prionailurus viverrinus) was a finalist. Contest's like this are helping to raise awareness of Thailand's fantastic natural heritage and it's world class national parks. Thailand is blessed with a natural heritage that is the envy of many nations.

In keeping with their project's ethos of assisting the National Parks of Thailand, the two photographers have donated the photograph, usage rights and commercial benefits to the Department of National Park's.  

 All the Finalists in the BBC Wildlife Competition 2013



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