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Plants and Fungi

Killer Fungi

insect killing fungi

These past few weeks the rainy season, or lack of it this year, seems to have put in a mini resurgance and we have witnessed some very strong storms. I had thought the rainy season had somewhat failed this year, and had noticed dry leaves and dry stream beds back in early October. But the resurgance returned the forests to their humid best and it was like small gift to play with for a few short weeks. As a result I had quite a few sightings of some impressive humidty lovers, fungi. Entomopathogenic fungi to be exact. Ento... what?

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Akanthomyces - Parasitic Fungi

This is a picture of an unfortunate moth killed by a parasitic fungi, of the Akanthomyces genus, in Khao Ang Rue Nai Wildlife Sanctuary, in Chachoengsao, Thailand. On first look one assumes that the moth has died and the fungi has simply started to break down its body but nothing could be further from the truth. The moth has in fact been been the unwitting victim of a parasitic fungi that manipulates the behaviour of it's living host in order to increase its own chance of reproduction.

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Forest Types in Thailand

Thailand is blessed with various forest habitat types which cover 32% of the country and the resplendent bio-diversity that this brings. Her forests range from mangroves to pine forests from coastal to mountain top.

The terminology used to describe these forest types and their sub-groups can be confusing and contradictory dependent on who is the audience and who is the speaker as many terms can cause confusion between their scientific meaning and their use in general conversation or as descriptions. It is further complicated in that many of the forest types and sub types occur within the same geographical, area as elevations, soil types, and localized conditions change. Indeed one single national park or wildlife sanctuary can have multiple different forest types present. For example Ta Phraya National Park contains mixed deciduous, dry evergreen and dry deciduous forest as well as bamboo forest in some of its disturbed secondary areas.

It is easier to comprehend the forest types if one breaks them down into the following groups:

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Wild Cirrhopetalum lepidum orchids

For those willing to make the journey (a 12 km hike) to Lanhindard in Pang Sida National Park (see route to the crocodile release area here), the wild Cirrhopetalum lepidum orchids are now in bloom (November 2009).

Lanhindard has an area that is strewn with various wild orchids but it is not possible to tell what species until they bloom. This is the first I have seen in bloom in the area, and as you can see its quite different from your commonly cultivated Thai orchids. To locate the site head for the siamese crocodile release area and you will find the orchids on the trail in the last 100 meters before the release pen.

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