Chasing Coral

15 Jul 2017 18:48 - 15 Jul 2017 18:49 #4493 by Paul TW
Paul TW created the topic: Chasing Coral
Theres a fascinating new documentary out about global coral bleaching - well worth a watch, I just watched it on Netflix

The. associated website is

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20 Jul 2017 08:45 #4498 by AdrianH
AdrianH replied the topic: Chasing Coral
Watching this actually made the optimist in me wonder whether the world's coral reefs are shifting towards the poles due to the rising sea temperatures that are causing the bleaching. A little bit of web research suggests that to some extent this does seem to be happening (eg. here ).

Although I guess this could help, the pessimist in me then started to see the problems, such as, not all reefs have anywhere to go closer to the pole (eg reefs in the Indian ocean are eventually going to be blocked by land to the north and deep ocean to the south); currents can help (as with the Japanese example in the link above) but therefore also hinder the process elsewhere; maybe not all reef components can move so easily; it's not only about temperature as other factors like increasing acidity from dissolved carbon dioxide are also hitting the coral...

Overall the rate of change just seems so staggeringly fast that it's hard to have much hope.

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