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Picture of the Week - Coleman Shrimp

A pair of Coleman Shrimp, Periclimenes colmani, named after naturalist Neville Coleman who first discovered this shrimp, Coleman shrimp are normally found in pairs on the colourful fire urchin (Asthenosoma Varium) with the female being the larger of the two.



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onflipflops's Avatar
onflipflops replied the topic: #1988 4 years 6 months ago
Stunning image! (And creature)
Great colors and composition.
Paul T's Avatar
Paul T replied the topic: #1989 4 years 6 months ago
They truly are. Sadly I don't think they are known (scientifically) to Thailand, would love to be corrected on that. This photo was in the Philippines, I have seen them in Indonesia and the Philippines, but its always a special moment when you do see them, they are not commonly sighted and tend to be in deeper water 30-50 meters. They live commensally with/on a specific sea urchin species (Asthenosoma Varium). I have not posted from my underwater collection because its primarily Indonesia centric.

BTW Indonesia and Philippines have VERY deep water off their islands, but Thailand has shallow water so does not have the equivalent underwater bio-diversity.

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