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    • INFO's Avatar
    • KKFC World Heritage Applicatio...
    • The Kaeng Krachan Forest Complex (which includes KKNP) has finally been inscribed as a World Heritage Site. The third natural site in Thailand to achieve this exalted status. The road to a...
    • 27 Jul 2021 06:58
    • wvwv's Avatar
    • Elephants are dangerous
    • If you are close to the forest edge it seems to be common. You probably know wangbon reservoir? Have a walk around there once it's open again and you can find a lot of signs of elephant activity and...
    • 24 Jul 2021 10:45
    • wvwv's Avatar
    • Camera Trap Pics
    • Some more.  It was a new camera and the default shutter length setting was too long - images came out a little blurry.  Lesson learned.  First time I've camera trapped a bear.        
    • 23 Jul 2021 16:11
    • wvwv's Avatar
    • Cooking restrictions for all p...
    • I think so because Khao Yai was the first one to ban cooking of meats and whatnot at campsites.  That was a direct response to the elephant attack where an old Thai man died.  This just seems an...
    • 23 Jul 2021 14:40
    • Paul T's Avatar
    • Wildlife more visible due to c...
    • I have not been out and about much to see BUT when ever traffic and human disturbance are reduced animals get bolder and start to be more evident in areas that they may have avoided or been careful in...
    • 20 Jul 2021 11:06
    • wvwv's Avatar
    • Khao Kitchakut Trail (Chantabu...
    • The trail itself is steep throughout before it flattens off near the top.  It's easy to follow but as always it's advised to have the GPX track which I will post below.  This track is already...
    • 13 Jun 2021 03:06

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