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Welcome to the Wildlife of Thailand Forum!

Well whats all this about then - the forum is to, hopefully, bring together those who trek and travel in Thailand to share information and resources on locations, parks, wildlife, trails, news, etc.

It has been started primarily because the there is a current lots of information available on commercial sites on the internet concerning traveling in parks that is simply wrong or at best misleading or incomplete. Information that is copied around many sites and spreads confusion, poor details and poor directions to many of Thailand's natural sites and locations. How many people go to park "XYZ" because the internet says they "may" see this animal or that, that waterfall or this, only to see no animals at all and a waterless fall because its the wrong season.

Its no fun driving 5/6 hours to find the location you are visiting is simply not as described, has changed/closed or was over zealously characterized by someone who did not really have a comparison to make. Even worse if needless exaggerations are made by unscrupulous individuals tempting the tourist dollar.

So the aim of this forum is to aid the sharing of information that is relevant and, hopefully, truthful. Information that naturalists can use to make their trips more enjoyable and hopefully more successful.

We hope you will take part and enjoy.

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Here are the general rules for you to consider before posting - nothing that is going to bother any of the current members or any future genuine nature lovers. Just, as we grow we need to implement some of these things.

WildlifeThailand is a public/community website and our forums are a place for positive discussions about a wide range of topics associated with the wildlife and national parks of Thailand.

We do have a few rules though .......

These rules are for general guidance to all forum posters and may be enforced by the site moderators. It is our collective responsibility to keep these forums clean and friendly. Topics and comments may be locked, deleted or edited and members may be blocked from participating due to constant bad behavior. Our decision is final in these matters, we apologize for this if you feel your opinion may have been been slighted but if we have removed posts or threads it is for a) legal or b) community reasons.

General Rules

While debating and disagreement is fine, we will not wish to tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory posts.

Please do not post 2nd hand insinuations, or negative comments that are not substantiated by fact. Most of us live in Thailand and are aware that the truth is a more elusive beast and harder to find than rumours.

Please do not make multiple or repeat postings of the same thing.

No cross posting. Post your message once, to the appropriate forum and nowhere else.

No bumping. Please do not bump topics to the top with empty replies or replies that don't contribute to the discussion.

Please try to stay on topic. Start a new topic if you have something else to say. It just makes its easier for people searching the forum to find what they need.

Use a title that describes the content of your post.

Before posting a question, please search the forums for an answer.

If you are posting a picture, please make sure it is of a reasonable size (under 800 pixels per side is a good rule of thumb).

Inappropriate Material.

This includes any material that is sexually explicit, derogatory, or discriminates on the basis of gender, age, race, religion, lifestyle, etc. Also prohibited is the use of foul language outside of the norms of the English vernacular ;+), as we have many younger viewers who are using the forums for research on school projects, etc.

No Spam

Spam is the abuse of our forums by posting irrelevant advertisements, links to unrelated websites, affiliate or referral links, or in general any post that is off-topic and is designed to benefit only yourself. Spamming is not allowed. However, we encourage bona fide local businesses associated with the forums main topics to use their signature to advertise as well as the "sales/wanted" forum to advertise their services in detail.

... and lastly...... as this forum is a forum about Thailand, we wish to fully adhere to Thailand's laws. WildlifeThailand as editor of the site has to protect itself against any potential legal issues. As such we ask you to refrain from posting any messages that could be considered illegal in Thailand. That includes LM references, and slanderous remarks against individuals or Royal Thai Government departments.

In order to protect ourselves we must enforce a zero tolerance policy on any post that could be deemed to breach any Thai law, and we will be forced to delete any such posts. We respectfully ask for your kind understanding in this matter.
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