Thai Wildlife Photography TV series

07 Jul 2014 09:15 - 28 Jul 2014 10:50 #2076 by Paul T
Thai Wildlife Photography TV series was created by Paul T
If anyones not aware of it yet, Jack Na Ayudhaya and Baramee Temboonkiat have a fantastic TV series running for wildlife photographers called "FULL FRAME". Really some fabulous insights into wildlife photography and field craft with a group of photographers and videographers who are really at the top of the tree in Thai wildlife photography. I have been watching them over and over again. Spectacular.

Check out the Huai Kha Kaeng episodes with Note Leesuwan as well - he has some spectacular camera trap photography of big cats in HKK.

You can find them all at the Aries TV Channel on Youtube

heres a sample:

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09 Jul 2014 22:41 #2083 by Bagheera
Replied by Bagheera on topic Thai Wildlife Photography TV series
Great! Thanks for the link, watched a few episodes of this today!
I went to see Baramee's exhibition here in Chiang Mai when it was up here, quite brilliant images and he seems a thoroughly nice bloke aswell.
Wouldn't it be great If us common folk could also visit the interior of HKK. maybe even a 2000 baht a day entry fee and comprehensive vehicle search would surely root out the undesirables..?

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