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27 May 2015 09:42 - 10 Jun 2015 13:58 #2847 by Paul T
Call for Articles was created by Paul T
The articles on the site are getting a bit one sided :ohmy: - so we would dearly like to honour our community principles and include articles from the community members as well.

We would love to have your articles, writings and pictures posted in the articles section of the site and have them show on the sites homepage like our other articles. That would be great and give the site a more community based approach.

An article could be about anything: a trip report; an interesting sighting; an interesting photograph; a taxonomy article; species information; a project you want to share; news you want to promote or share; equipment used in wildlife photography; a new service; absolutely anything of interest to the community.

If you have any articles/writings/musing/pictures that you would be willing to share in the site front page, then we have 2 options for you to submit them..........

1) Any member with 10 posts or more automatically has access to the sites article writing system and you can submit the article directly into the system
2) just email the article and pictures (if included) to the site email address (info[at]

As to format, it would be great if the articles fit one of the following standards (but we will be very flexible):

a) If a picture is included then there should be at least two paragraphs to text to accompany the picture
b) if there is not picture then the article should be a minimum of 4 paragraphs of text
c) For website owners - you can submit an article that points to/completes on your own website. i.e. just give us the first two or three paragraphs of text and we will insert a read more link that takes the reader to your own site to finish reading the article. This will help you with SEO, site visitors and it will strengthen the links between Thailand related wildlife/photography/services/lifestyle/conservation sites.
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