Time for heavy fines on speeding inside the parks?

03 Feb 2016 11:49 #3396 by onflipflops
Just noticed a post on facebook linking to a story on pantip.com: pantip.com/topic/34727320
It's in Thai language, but the pictures speak for itself. It shows a large injured male Sambar deer in a ditch along the road in Khao Yai. A road victim.

And on my last visit in Kaeng Krachan on the 23rd of January, I found a Large Indian Civet at km.9 that had become victim of the early traffic racing to Panoen Thung. Kaeng Krachan will certainly see an increase in roadkills with the new surfaced road between the main entrance and Ban Krang camp.
And one day it will be one of the resident leopards that live along this road.
Maybe it's better if that would happen, because I guess only when it is a 'high-profile' species, maybe.... maybe, something will be done.

So far, no measures are taken to reduce speed.
Instead, in Khao Yai, tour guides have been fined for stopping on the road to watch wildlife, because they cause the traffic to slow down... the world upside-down. More people stopping on the roads would naturally reduce speed.
We need more potholes!
More potholes means slower traffic, means less roadkills, and also safer conditions for park visitors that like to enjoy nature.
We've discussed this before. Placing some large concrete blocks on the road every few hundred metres would do the trick. Other option, good for park revenue, would be active enforcement and heavy fines. A clear big sign at the park entrances, warning that excessive speed WILL be fined with 5000 baht, would do. That would easily pay the wages for the additional staff needed to do this. Of course it only works if no exceptions are made for park staff!
Then again, maximum allowed speed in Khao Yai is 60km/h, and I guess it would be better if reduced to 40km/h like in Kaeng Krachan.

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03 Feb 2016 14:06 #3399 by rushenb
Grrr.. That is so upsetting! :(

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03 Feb 2016 14:23 - 07 Feb 2016 12:32 #3402 by Paul T
I agree with you completely flip-flops.

I just noticed this weekend that two of the Thai Birding sites (Boat Bird and Thai Birders ?) got together and sponsored a whole new bunch of traffic signs for Kaeng Krachan - they look great!

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