Ital-Thai boss hunting in sanctuary

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Even if his words are true that it was only his 2nd time in Thung Yai, it doesn't mean he is inexperienced in the jungle. Obviously there are many more parks he might have been visiting and gained enough experience to know where to get the best chances to hunt. Then again, certainly not unlikely he had some additional help that fled the scene/ media exposure.
The fact that he could not have been the shooter because of inexperience seems ridiculous judging the amount of riffles found at his home(s).
And I think it is exactly the kick of pulling the trigger by himself that makes these people do such hunting trips.
But seems like they are slowly preparing the public that the charges of actually shooting the wildlife will be moved to one of the other party members.

Sitting on your chair surrounded by riffles and animal carcasses that are 'accidentally' scattered around your camping spot and insisting it is not what it seems...
It's funny how someone caught red-handed can still lie with a straight face. Well, watching the video of him and his lawyer, it seemed clear that even the lawyer - generally people who are great at lying with a straight face - was struggling to talk his way out...

Good to see it gets a lot of media attention. Without facebook this would unlikely to have reached the news.

And one wonders how often these activities are happening on protected park soil.

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"Court dates have been set for construction mogul Premchai Karnasuta’s trial on charges of poaching, media reports said Saturday.Quoting an official in the prosecutor’s office, JS100 news said the first witnesses will take the stand Nov. 27 to testify against the influential president of Italian-Thai Development, who’s been indicted on six charges related to ... alleged hunting trip in a wildlife sanctuary in February.The hearing will run through Dec. 27 and see 49 witnesses take the stand for both sides. Premchai is also charged with illegal possession of firearms, which will be tried separately in July [ed: 2019]"

Read more at :  Khao Sod English 

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