Wildlife more visible due to covid?

19 Jul 2021 14:32 #5653 by scott marr
Wildlife more visible due to covid? was created by scott marr
Earlier I posted pics of an elephant in our front yard in Nakhon Nayok. We live close to the park, they are now very common in this area, every night locals are chasing them away with firecrackers. Ten years ago there were none, they started to become common a few years ago, but over the last 12 months numbers have really increased. I think it has to do with covid and the lack of visitors.

In the last year we've had a monkey on our roof, hornbills in the area and an increase in birds. I read wildlife is common along roads in parks due to lack of traffic. Are people noticing similar things elsewhere?

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20 Jul 2021 11:06 #5654 by Paul T
Replied by Paul T on topic Wildlife more visible due to covid?
I have not been out and about much to see BUT when ever traffic and human disturbance are reduced animals get bolder and start to be more evident in areas that they may have avoided or been careful in before. Noise disturbance is a major factor in limiting animal movements IMHO.

In Kaeng Krachan we saw a distinct increase in mammal activity in areas of the park that were closed down. I never noticed any difference with birdlife though. 

Its also very possible that the elephants may be moving seasonally to try and take advantage of crops and water availability. In the east of DPY-KY we always noted the elephants came to lower ground in the dryer months and then move back to higher elevations in the wetter months.

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