Alleged corruption

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A very interesting story about an ongoing investigation involving alleged corruption in the Dept of National Parks.

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More up to date and detailed information of the cash found here ....
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An op-ed in the BKP about the situation as a whole and some relevant background considerations.

"The big question is whether there is only one rotten apple or whether this is a symptom of systematic corruption that has been entrenched in this agency. On Tuesday, Mr Varawut appointed a permanent secretary..."

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An update to this issue has been published by the Bangkok Post. The last 3 paragraphs seem to contain the most pertinent information to the ongoing procedure.
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Promising justice for state forest officials hit with unfair transfers and vowing greater transparency to boost the public's trust, Athapol Charoenshunsa was sworn into office last week as the acting chief. Mr Athapol, who is currently working as chief of the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, was assigned by the environment minister to a taskforce supervising the park and wildlife department... 

More details at:
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