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Forest Soundscapes Gallery

04 Sep 2012 22:28 #644 by ed
Forest Soundscapes Gallery was created by ed


Audio recordings by Ian Edwardes who is documenting the soundscapes of Thailand's forests. A fascinating undertaking in which Ian brings the experience of Thailand's forests to the internet. The forest sounds can be played simultaneously (simply press more than one green play button) so you can create your own personal forest experience. Ian will be adding more sound files from his collection soon, so be sure to re-visit the sound gallery through the "galleries" menu at the top of the page and experience your own Thai forest nirvana right in your own home, just press one, or more, green play buttons below.{kunena_discuss:639}


Name Play Duration
An Animal of the Night
Ian Edwardes

0:43 min
Bat Wings
2:01 min
Bats - Close Proximity
3:08 min
Bats, Cat and Dripping
2:10 min
Cicada 01
2:36 min
Cicada 02
0:27 min
Dusky Langur Male
1:22 min
heavy breathing

0:42 min
Gibbon Calls with Langur swinging in the canopy
3:34 min
10-11-10 Gibbon and Woodpecker.mp3
Ian Edwardes

1:40 min
Jungle Night Sounds 01
1:01 min
Jungle Night Sounds 02
2:20 min
Kaeng Krachan Forest Sounds - Birds 01
1:49 min
Kaeng Krachan Forest Sounds - Gibbons and Birds 01
2:04 min
Kaeng Krachan Forest Sounds - Gibbons and Birds 02
4:06 min
Kaeng Krachan Forest Sounds 01
1:52 min
Kaeng Krachan Gibbons call on a windy day
17:47 min
Khao Yai Forest Bird Call 01
4:23 min
Loud Gibbon Calls 01
2:26 min
Solitary Gibbon Calls 01
2:54 min
Wild Elephants at Night
1:09 min


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