Nat Geo Wild Thailand Special

21 Jun 2013 00:07 #1113 by onflipflops
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Back to the topic. Last week on friday night at 20:00 I got to see the Thailand Wild docu on Nat Geo Wild.
The images were stunning. And enjoyed watching it. Did not learn much new things, but I'm sure for most of the world's population many of these animals are completely unknown so any information is interesting.

It did lack a bit of a story, but I do understand that is the hardest part of making a wildlife documentary. Especially in this region of the world. For that you will have to follow the animals for a very long time to get just all these shots that only last seconds but stitched together form a story. We all know this is an impossible task unless you have a couple of years time and spend really all your time in the jungle. Which is unaffordable, and possibly even unbearable, haha.
They did have a bit more of a story on the gibbons. Chasing competitors out of a tree. Most of the other wildlife were beautifully portraited but the images told little more than just the exsistence of the animal. Not much about its behaviour.

As mentioned before in this thread, it's shot by the Green Asia production team. So the same images are available on the youtube links provided above, though on tv it had an English narrator (on the payTV box I have, one can change the language to Thai, and English, and possibly even more languages.)
Too bad I have no recording device.

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21 Jun 2013 12:58 - 24 Jun 2013 12:48 #1115 by Paul T
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I saw it last night as well.

Thoroughly enjoyed it, some great footage. The footage itself was brilliant and hats off to the 4 Thai cameramen involved and their 3 assistants. Great orig' score as well. It must bode well for conservation in Thailand that this quality of wildlife film work is being produced in Thailand (all Thai production with the exception of the co-director/writer and the narrator) and it is showcasing Thailand's forests and wildlife film making to the world.

Not only was the footage marvelous, but it was interesting too. I thought I might be a tad critical, knowing many of the locations by sight or forest type but I was just so impressed. Some of the jumping around geographically left me with a wry smile but it still kept me enthralled throughout.

Am looking forward to seeing the second episode hugely. The fact that GreenAsia has started right at the top (NGTV) makes me eager with anticipation about what they will go on to do now! I see this as a potential watershed moment. This is the kind of thing that drives conservation in the west - entertainment, information, interest, awareness. Using media to conservation's benefit. It really excites me, something all of Thailand can be proud of. I am proud for the production crew, proud for Thailand and hopeful for conservation as a result.

AND now I finally know why a hornbill makes such a noise in flight! I have always wondered why.

the locations are shown at the end of the episode - sadly I did not catch any peninsular locations

Post edited after my second viewing

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15 Aug 2013 17:33 #1242 by Bagheera
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Just came across the link to the second episode of this brilliant mini-series just in case anyone had not managed to see it yet..

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28 Oct 2013 20:39 #1450 by Paul T
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Fabulous! Thailand needs to be so proud of the Green Asia Team and their opening salvo.

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