Rangers get salary increase

27 Jun 2013 17:09 - 27 Jun 2013 17:16 #1121 by Paul T
Rangers get salary increase was created by Paul T
Amidst the usual gloom in the papers is some good news:

1) Gov will increase the base DNP Ranger salary from 7500 b/m to 9000 b/m
2) A welfare fund will be set up to assist rangers/families in times of need
3) 1300 new full time posts will be created

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30 Jun 2013 00:57 #1123 by onflipflops
Replied by onflipflops on topic Rangers get salary increase
That's definitely good news.
Especially for those who are doing their jobs well, caring about the environment, going out on patrols, in some cases even risking their lives to preserve the nature for future generations.
However, so much more needs to be done.

...Just decided to delete the long negative story I just wrote about the poor management in Khao Yai. But I decided I should stay positive after such news. It's definitely a step in the right direction and an important step in preserving the beautiful nature of this country.

I actually think those who do go out on patrols should get 200% of the normal wage. And possibly even a special bonus-system should be applied for those who succeed in arresting poachers. That would make doing their job a bit more appealing.
Risking your life for a meager salary of only 7500 baht isn't very appealing. But as said, that 9000 baht is a step into the right direction... and so is setting up a welfare fund for e.g. families that lost their costwinner due to these risky tasks. If being a park ranger would become a profession that people would be truly proud off, with a reasonable wage, it might attract more of the countries wildife/ nature enthusiasts. There are quite a few Thais that truly care, but I understand they would never choose for a carreer as a ranger, because in the current situation it's not worthwhile.

But I know there is not much money available. Spending it on the right things could make a big difference, though.

Please, more good news!
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