More forest destruction for dams.

1 week 2 days ago #5025 by Robby L
Four national parks to cede some land for reservoirs

The Cabinet today approved the proposal of the Ministry of Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives to slice off some areas of four national parks for the construction of reservoirs of the Royal Irrigation Department.

The areas to be excluded from park land are as follows: 85 rai of Plew Waterfall National Park in Chanthaburi province for Klong Khaloong reservoir project; 49 rai of Kaeng Krachan national park in Phetchaburi for Ban Pa La-oo reservoir project; 229 rai of Sri Lanna national park in Chiang Mai for Mae Kuang Uttamathara reservoir project; and 1,380 rai of Doi Phu Nang national park in Phayao province for Nam Pee reservoir project.

The four reservoirs will have a combined capacity to hold 105.7 million cubic metres of water and will strengthen water security for agriculture.

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1 week 2 days ago - 1 week 2 days ago #5026 by Paul T
Thanks for sharing the Robby .....

its a pity --- once its gone it does not come back. These dams come with massive disturbance during the construction as well as access and maintenance after but if they are on the outer limits of a park then not so bad (as bad goes).

I just visited a number of parks in the north and one that shocked me with the destruction of forest from the reservoirs/dams was Mae Ping National Park - I have a good mind to write to the DNP and demand my 130 baht back ;+) What a dam/human mess.

My general view of many of the northern parks I visited was not very good - if ever there was an advert as to why development and the encroachment it also brings should be stopped it was those parks in the north I saw. I have a new appreciation for the central Thailand parks now.

Pliew Waterfall NP in Chantaburi is so small already!

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1 week 1 day ago #5028 by Robby L
What these dams are actually doing is taking away the farmers natural water supply from streams and rivers flowing out of the forests and replacing it with a man made (managed) water source.

I wonder what the farmers will do for water once the dam building starts and all the natural waterways are blocked to eventually fill the dam to a usable level. How long will this filling process take till the farmers can use the water from the dams? I suspect years, the smaller the catchment the longer it will take.

I liken it to a community having a garden which supplies all their need then along comes the Govt and tells them we are going to build a market on your garden then you will have all the produce will need.

We see right now the result of this in the flooding in KKC and Kanchanaburi where the floods are all coming from dams and reservours which are overflowing. You might say this is poor water management but without these dams there is no need for water management, the forests do that job and do it far better than all the university educated suits.

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