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Chang phuak mountain trek (thong pha phum national park)

08 Mar 2019 23:01 - 09 Mar 2019 16:09 #5197 by wvwv
This is one of the easiest overnight treks with some of the best views. A must for semi-lazy people who love a spectacular vista. 

You are supposed to register for this in advance and they called us the day before we were due to arrive to ask if we were still going. I think you might be okay just turning up at the visitor centre the afternoon before but to be safe it's best to call a few days in advance.  They were also taking copies of passports and id cards so don't forget that.  Its a long way from bangkok and by public transport isnt easy as youd most likely have to change in kanchanaburi. The kanchanaburi to sangklaburi bus stops in thong pha phum and from there there are shared songtaews to the visitor centre but if you didn't get a very early bus from Bangkok you might have to private hire. Theres also motorbike rent where the bus stops.

Once at the visitor centre there's a lot of nonsense with double pricing. Not just the park entry fee but the compulsory insurance as well. Not expensive at about the price of a coffee but its the principle, 4 times the cost as the thais and barely any difference in the cover.  Actual cost of the trek depends how many people. They divide their cost by the number of people and for us it worked out at about 230 baht each.  Porters can be hired.   

Total trek is 8km but it's mainly flat because it starts at such a high elevation. You go up in groups of about 12. The mountains are like a knife ridge and this trek was closed for a while because a Thai girl fell off the ridge and it took hours to get her to safety. There are rudimentary toilets at the campsite (hole in the ground). Most of the slopes along the way are bare, I guess due to the steepness and wind and high elevation, so don't expect much in the way of fauna. On the plus side it means you get lots of views all the time.

The final viewpoint has 360 degree views and you can see the huge lake and as far as khao laem national park. Behind you is Myanmar.  In the morning you go down about 8am or 9am. If you are getting the songtaews there's no need to rush down and be first to the bottom as you'll have to wait for the songtaew to fill up (unless you private hire it for about 1000 baht). 

If you don't want to do this trek the park still has a lot to offer with great views and a couple of waterfalls. Note the drive from thong pha phum to the visitor centre is very slow/bumpy.    


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11 Mar 2019 07:40 #5199 by BKKBen
Nice write up! I was planning on doing this hike several years ago, but my plans got changed and I kind of forgot about it. Back onto the list it goes. Those grassy hills and views look great!

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