Khao Phanom Bencha - trailhead to mountain?

16 Sep 2019 12:42 #5349 by peyronnel
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The water levels were ok, not really a problem, We had more problems on the way down because it was raining so the rocks were wet from the rain but was still very manageable (even with trail running type trainers).
We saw quite a few big spiders but nothing more ( Red and black, Yellow and black)

We were more focused on making it to the top than looking around to be fair, we come from a trekking background but now that I have discovered this website , I am quite amazed at what you all do and will pay more attention to wildlife surroundings on the future.

I also paste this link which shows our itinerary and a photo

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23 Sep 2019 13:39 #5359 by peyronnel
Big thanks to the GPX trace we were able to do the itinerary in a day. Everything was perfectly clear even though we still got lost a few times.

The main reason for this post is to signal the path has been cut in the jungle. Maybe 500m after you enter the jungle few of trees with lot of branches and leaves fell on the track and you have to literally climb and walk over these for about 15 metres before you can see the path again. We wasted quite a lot of time there.

The second time we got lost is when you get out the jungle to cross the river again, you need to cross it and go up slightly , there are 2 cairns (stones piles) and need to re enter the jungle next to this second cairn.

It took us 9h30 car to car but we had heavy rain all the way down and it was very slippery. It was fun in the jungle but not so much in the river bed.

It was a first time for me doing "jungle mountaineering" and it was success. Make sure you have enough baterry to follow the GPX both ways and dont forget to bring a machete.

Thanks again to all of you on the forum who made this outing possible.

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