Khao Sok: on the lake

17 Feb 2022 05:48 #5751 by curlywombat
Khao Sok: on the lake was created by curlywombat
 I am hoping to spend some time at either Khlong Saeng or Khong Mon while at Khao Sok.
 The only accommodation there is run by the National Parks authority, correct? Can I arrange this with the HQ office in Khao Sok village? Is camping there (own tent) an option?
 What are the fees for the huts and for the wildlife park permit?
How much would we expect to pay for the boat ride there, and back?
 Is there a restaurant of any kind at either of those, or do we need to bring all our own food?
Thanks again.

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18 Feb 2022 11:24 #5752 by Paul T
Replied by Paul T on topic Khao Sok: on the lake
Not me afraid, I have never been.

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20 Feb 2022 18:32 #5753 by curlywombat
Replied by curlywombat on topic Khao Sok: on the lake
Oh well. I'll have to do what people did before the internet!

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23 Feb 2022 13:27 #5757 by wvwv
Replied by wvwv on topic Khao Sok: on the lake
Khlong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary has an office right next to the pier area where you take the boats.  I have never been that far up the lake, but I understood you had to pay two entrance tickets - one for Khao Sok NP, and then another to Khlong Saeng WS, because they are different protected areas.

Since it is the furthest area from the pier, the boat to Khlong Saeng is not cheap.  At the pier they have fixed price boards clearly on display, like this image:  Small boat (10 people) on left, big boat (20 people) on right.  Khlong Saeng and Khlong Yah are the same thing, so figure on 4000+ baht.

When I stayed at a national park run raft (in Khlong Ka) they automatically included the food in the bill, I had to ask them to remove it because I had my own.  I think from memory it was 900 a night including food (3 meals), or 500 a night without.  I would expect the prices in Khlong Saeng to be similar if not the same.  Kayak rental was 200 baht or 100 baht if you spoke Thai 🙄

There are some maps of all the different accommodations on the lake but it's not always clear which is National Park run and which is privately run.  But the national park run ones are always a lower price and a worse standard.

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