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Chaloem Phrakiat Thai Prachan National Park first looks

18 Sep 2011 20:21 - 19 Jun 2013 08:42 #329 by
This last weekend we decided to try and venture into Chaloem Phrakiat Thai Prachan National Park, in Ratchaburi, and see what the tracks are like. It is still not a full national park yet and not yet budgeted for full protection as such.

This was an initial push in just to see the lie of the land but one of the tracks we chose ended abruptly on the hill side after a few kilometers of uphill walking as the track abruptly stopped. After 20 minutes of hacking and only getting 20 meters, it was clear we were going to struggle to get further so we called it a day. The route is any easy walk through a secondary forest with bamboo as the dominant species. There is a nice mountain stream (strangely the water was milky colored) and we saw a blue nosed lantern bug and a stinkhorn fungus fruiting, so its has potential for further investigation for other species.

For the second tack we followed the main stream but this petered out and we lost the track up what seemed to be a tributary and gave up. Again this is very very secondary with bamboo as the predominant species. Saw a really funky blue mushroom which I will post in the plants/fungi sub-forum when I get a copy of the photo (I myself was cameraless again after more D7000 problems - great camera, terrible body for forest conditions).

Not a bad day for a first test of tracks - the trails we were on were old logging roads I would guess and the tracks and routes would suit beginners to forest trekking or those wanting a leisurely forest experience with a minimum of risk.


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25 Nov 2012 00:43 - 19 Jun 2013 08:41 #601 by
Have had a few more visits to Thai Prachan over this last year. It is very secondary and logging had decimated a lot of the forest. Small mammals are evident but its a location I use for a quick insect/macro trip when the weathers right.

A nice surprise in November (2012) was that the park has now gained its first deployment of permanent park rangers and they have been setting up the camping areas for the first weekenders of the cool season. Only problem is that the first stream crossing is still in full flood so getting beyond the dam part of the park is only possible on foot.

I hope to get further into the forest now that the rangers have been deployed as trying to follow the old walking trails was very difficult as they would simply disappear in the undergrowth.

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