Khun Phrawo Waterfall

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A few days in Tak at the end of the year presented a totally unplanned visit to one of the newer National Parks - Khun Phrawo National Park. NOTE one would pronounce this from the Thai as "Pa Wor". And a quick hike revealed a spectacular little waterfall on the a very good trail that I would recommend to anyone who is in the area (Mae Sot primarily).

From the DNP site...........

"Khun Phrawo National Park is situated in an approximate area of 220 square kilometers , covering the areas of Mae Lamao and Mae Ramat National Reserved Forests, Tak Province. The geographical features of the National Park consist of virgin forests, which are the sources of streams and rivers. There are different kinds of wild animals inhabiting in the area of the National Park. At present, the area will be announced as a national park."

It is an excellent little park, one of the best kept I have seen for camping facilities. We just did this trail as were passing through rather than staying. The waterfall trail is highly recommended and there are viewpoints to oversee the valley along the trail. If you go on to the waterfall, you will be well impressed with it. Keep in mind the last section of the trail - even though it has concrete steps - drops over 200 meters in elevation! Of course there is only one way out ;+) I have not been doing much trekking or photography this last couple of months and my legs suffered the next morning. This is definitely somewhere I will return for a few days of bug hunting and camping.

Important facts

Length of trail :: 5 km (incl return)
Hiking time :: 3.5 hours for full trail and decent stop
Difficulty level :: moderate (scale : easy, moderate, hard, ouch) just because of the climb
Minimum essentials :: small bottle of water


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Pictures ................

(note pictures and GPS track supplied by Ian Edwardes)

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I had a return to this park over the holidays, just to relax and hump in a tripod to the waterfall to try and get a better photo. It was an even tougher walk back than I remembered - I must be getting old. There are signs of pigs and muntjac all over and we had close encounters with them on both days (heard within 20 feet on the trails but not seen due the steep ravines). Considering the local populations of tribes people that was a pleasant surprise.


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02 Jan 2015 21:40 #2609 by onflipflops
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Looks beautiful!
And good that there are still herbivores around.
Would be interesting to camera trap in all these lesser known areas. There might be more around than we think.
Lets hope new populations of whatever interesting creatures get (re-)discovered in this new year.
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