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Huai Kha Khaeng HQ Campground Temporarily Closed

21 May 2017 09:48 #4415 by jonathanbkk
Replied by jonathanbkk on topic Huai Kha Khaeng HQ Campground Temporarily Closed
As of May 20th this is still the case, I should have paid attention to the forum :)

Tried my best to convince them but they said the only camping options is where you buy the tickets at the first gate next to the river, they have done some basic work to accommodate this option but if your this far you might as well stay at one of the resorts for 500 baht/night and have a bit of AC

The HQ road and activity level has severely dropped it seems after restricting camping which I suspect is a benefit to the animals of the area. I only saw a few cars on a weekend there.

Nothing has changed as far as permissions go as well, you cant even go to the Nok Yeung platform unless you speak to the head office, even the ranger there will tell you until he gets permission, your blocked from this area and of course going to ask is often painful as its perceived as a burden to them. Basically your very restricted in the area of HQ.

Of course I saw at least 30-50 mushroom collectors who didnt get the memo. No joke I drove past a group of at least 15-20 running for their lives away from my car.

I did manage to get some good drone footage that I will upload later

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21 May 2017 12:10 #4416 by onflipflops
Replied by onflipflops on topic Huai Kha Khaeng HQ Campground Temporarily Closed
It is something I have never quite understood in Thailand.
Sometimes they seem to think it is the USA where people get dragged into court because there was no sticker on the coffee mug explaining that the contents could be hot, haha...

I am not really aware of any such cases in Thailand, and do not understand why the national park authorities are always so worried about what they apparently perceive as their responsibility.
A clear sign, or perhaps even a quick signature at the park entrances to clear them from all liability especially when it comes to wildlife encounters and other natural hazards, should be enough I would think.
Inform the people that elephants and even tigers or leopards are free to roam on the camp ground, so camping can be a risk.
Just let people decide for themselves if they want to take the risk or not.

But anyway, no matter how we think about it, it will not change the situation.
At least they still allow people to go in. It's one of the points raised by mr. Seub Nakhasathien.
He told areas should be accessible for visitors to get people closer to nature. He also opted for a buffer zone where locals can collect mushrooms etc.
Let's hope they stick to just picking mushrooms and not leave snares or whatever to catch the wildlife.

Aksing for permissions at the HQ is a bit of a pain. At the same time they opened a new trail in the area so it seems like they are not totally against tourism, however they just want to keep an eye on where everyone goes.

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