× Note: Sanctuaries are different to National Parks in Thailand, Thailand currently has established 39 sanctuaries and access is more restrictive as their role is as a sanctuary for wildlife rather than a park for the nation. Some sanctuaries do allow limited access to tourists.

Hala Bala Wildlife Sanctuary

2 weeks 6 days ago #4939 by Robby L
Hala Bala Wildlife Sanctuary Bala sector.

While there we met the big boss who asked us not to tell anyone where we had been or what we had seen so just some general notes:

Do not go there unannounced, as we did, or you may be turned away, instead book at either the HQ phone 08-199-93375 or 06-338696-57 they will book you a guide and make any other arrangements. Or this small resort about 2km down the road Phone 086-2908154 or 080971965 they can provide accommodation and arrange guides.

Charges at the resort are 500b per night and entry to the sanctuary is 200b per day even if you are staying in the sanctuary the per-day charge still applies. The 200b goes to the sanctuary not to the guides, there is no formal charge by the guides but a donation, tip, is expected

You will not be allowed to wander around by yourself you must be accompanied by a guide.

Do not go there during Ramadan, as we did, for the guides are Muslim and are not allowed to eat or drink in daylight hours so will not guide during Ramadan.

There is food available at several small shops in the village outside the sanctuary. There is also another village at the other end of the road through the sanctuary where food is also available.

Do not expect much or any English to be spoken all arrangements over the phone should be made in Thai or Malay.

The staff were very good and helpful to us including the boss.

The situation, troubles, in that part of the world did not affect us other than the slight inconvenience of having to slow down or stop at the many check points. There is a large military presence in the area and it would seem only a small number of trouble makers.

The people seem happy enough, lots of smiles and getting on with their lives with no apparent suspicion of us as strangers, we did not feel in danger at any time.
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2 weeks 6 days ago #4941 by bootly66
I was recently there along with 4 friends, we stayed 3 nights at the resort and 2 inside... We were only charged the 200bt fee once only for our trip. Permission was obtained from DNP hq in Bangkok a week before. We had no problems and were allowed to venture around a little without a ranger, although we did have a local volunteer as our driver. He was a great guy but not really a guide yet, If anyone would like his contact details please PM me.

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