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Umphang in Tak Province (Doi Mamuang Sam Muen)

02 Feb 2021 21:30 #5588 by ravi
Really curious about this, seems to be the real deal and thick tree cover.

About the best writeup I could find online, presumably by a Thai (translated) is this:

There is a well produced website of a guide/agency but it has no phone number and they haven't responded to multiple emails I sent them:

Thi Lor Su and Pi Tu Gro seem to be the top attractions/trails.

The only other content that I found online was from bikers who have been up here.

Any more info or leads? Any intrepid hikers (hopefully with better Thai language skills than mine) up for a trip later this month or early March?

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07 Mar 2021 08:05 - 07 Mar 2021 08:13 #5596 by Paul T
I have meant to go here for a number of years now but never seem to get around to it. I would contact the local resorts as they will all either be using the same guides or have their own guides. The falls are actually in a sanctuary so access will be controlled to other locations stringently - other than the tours on offer. I would assume the trail to Doi Mamuang is a well trodden trail that is open.

Getting permission to travel (the mud road/track mentioned) through the length of the Thung Yai Narasuan Sanctuary would be almost impossible these days I would think, I have been on the southern part of this route twice and you need government written permission and even then I was limited to about 15 kilometers total. The 20 kilometer section of this track (entering from the south) is where the infamous black leopard shooting took place and things have tightened up a lot since that.

Another write up - readme.me/p/28288
TrekThailand used to offer good tours all over Thailand (am not sure of they still exist though - www.trekthailand.net/programs/tilosu.html
A local resort - www.facebook.com/Thee-Lor-Su-Riverside-R...ร์ไซด์-410346810225/
Travel company for Doi MaMuang) - www.akvtravel.com/pitugro-waterfall-tak/
Doi Mamuang - peakery.com/khao-mamuang-sam-muen-thailand/
Details of someone cost and trip to Doi Mamuang - www.palapilii.com/en/archives/361


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12 Mar 2021 16:30 - 12 Mar 2021 17:46 #5601 by wvwv
I did this without any guide about 2-3 years ago.  I rented a scooter somewhere, must have been in Mae Sot I think.  It's very close to Thi Lor Su Waterfall so you can do both in the same trip.  But at that time Thi Lor Su was a pain because you had to pay them to drive you there (or you could take the raft option which wasn't cheap either), it felt like a bit of a scam to generate money for the local drivers because the road was in okay condition, not sure if anything has changed.  Anyway at Pitugro... When I went there was no infrastructure there, it was clearly national park land and they had put the signs up at the trail head, but no huts or staff.  The part where you might get lost is through the farmers' fields before you get to the forest/national park/trailhead.  But, you can see Pitugro Waterfall on the mountain slope (where you are headed) from the road where you start walking, so you know the rough direction you need to go.  Everytime I saw a farmer I asked if I was going the right way.  I bumped into a Thai group from Bangkok with a guide at the camping area halfway there (when already in the forest, I mean).  I will dig through my files to see if I can find a GPS track or at least some pictures.

Can't find any GPS file, just a few pictures.





and a blurry picture of the thai group who offered me some food.  The shelter at that point was just some sheets of metal above your head and wooden supports.  Enough for 3 or 4 tents and a few hammocks.


If you were going all the way up there specifically for this then probably try and get a guide as it could be a letdown if you can't find the way yourself.  Also it's on the Myanmar border so you wouldn't want to be wandering over the border accidentally, particularly at the moment.  Most trips seems to do it as a 2 day 1 night thing.  If starting early I think it could easily be done in a day.  Remember now is end of dry season so not the best time for waterfalls, and the lush green forest cover you see in some pictures might be more 'autumny'.  But on the plus side the trails should not be too muddy.

I would either drive from Bangkok if you have a car or fly into Mae Sot and then make your way from there, there is a songtaew service from Mae Sot to Umphang but the road has 1000s of bends so not recommended if you get sick easy.
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