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Scaly-breasted partridge

16 Feb 2016 14:34 - 16 Feb 2016 16:48 #3431 by Paul T
Scaly-breasted partridge was created by Paul T
The green-legged partridge (Arborophila chloropus peninsularis), also known as the scaly-breasted partridge or green-legged hill-partridge. Keang Krachan National Park. I must say a big thank you to Geoff as he told where to where to wait for this one - I would have had no idea - and still don't really. I was not expecting to see it and got quiet a surprise when two bowled in. It was early in the morning so I ended up shooting at 1/60 with the 600 - thats as low as I can go with my shaky old hands and these pics did require tender loving care in post.


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16 Feb 2016 20:13 #3432 by bootly66
Replied by bootly66 on topic Scaly-breasted partridge
Could you let me on the secret where to wait, too.. I will be at KK next week

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17 Feb 2016 11:01 #3434 by Geoff Potter
Replied by Geoff Potter on topic Scaly-breasted partridge
I am sure you know the KM 18 car park area next to the small reservoir right? Well just head up the road a little and take the trail on the left that leads to the Pranburi waterfall. In less than 15 M you will come to the first stream crossing and that's where the bird is. Just set up your hide on this side of the stream and the partridges will arrive on the other side. You will need to put down some chicken food or meal worms to attract it though (sorry Rushen) Blue Pitta should show up too.
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17 Feb 2016 13:59 #3435 by rushenb
Replied by rushenb on topic Scaly-breasted partridge

I really don't like the idea of feeding animals, but I guess it is a big difference between feeding a bear and birds. Who to judge what's right or wrong. :)

Who to judge I said; When I see an interesting snake, I make it my guest for 30-45 minutes, move around to a better position for better photography. Those snakes looses very important 30-45 minutes of their time while chasing for food.


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