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Common Kingfisher

03 Jan 2017 06:43 #4163 by Geoff Potter
Common Kingfisher was created by Geoff Potter
The Common Kingfisher is listed as a winter visitor in most places in Thailand but there are individuals in my area that stay all year. This year there are two of them in the pond in my garden and judging by their behavior they are either fighting over territory or getting ready to breed? Has anyone else observed this?


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03 Jan 2017 08:41 #4164 by bootly66
Replied by bootly66 on topic Common Kingfisher
Yes, you are right, they seem to be mainly winter visitors,especially in the south, but many remain resident all year across the rest of Thailand, with some breeding here too. Although I have never seen juvenile Common KFs here, I have witnessed what looks like courtship/feeding behavior, All KFs are territorial, but probably more so if paired and breeding. Interesting question... got me thinking. This was the best I could come up with in my experience, I will also pose your question to some of my other birding friends and see what they come up with.... Cheers Brian.

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