Black Kite Roost Nakhorn Nayok

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Black Kite Roost Nakhorn Nayok was created by Robby L
Notes on Black Kite Nakhon Nayok 5-6th January 2017

Black Kite

Arrived around mid-day on a hot day to see a few Black Kites on trees in the distance and one reasonably close, later in the afternoon hundreds started to arrive to drink and roost not only on trees but on fallen trees and even on the ground in one place. The Thai word for kite, as in go fly your kite, is Wow which is appropriate for the sight of so many large birds in the one place, I counted over a dozen in one tree. Most were a bit far from the road for good photos but as soon as I got out of the car to attempt to walk closer the closest ones took off, not at all trusting of people on foot.

Next morning was cloudy and cool so the kites stayed on their roosts till it warmed up around 10am when they started to find thermals that allowed them to circle higher and higher. More driving along the roads got me more sightings then it was back home before mid-day.

Chestnut Eared Bunting
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